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Dedicated to helping schools navigate federal and state laws and regulations

Practical and effective representation of public and charter schools throughout the state of Massachusetts.

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KM Education Law, LLC is a boutique law firm, exclusively representing public schools and charter schools throughout the state of Massachusetts. Attorney Katie Meinelt, the founder and creator of KM Education Law, was a teacher before law school and combined her education background with her law degree making her representation of school clients practical and effective.

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Because of the vast differences amongst school districts throughout Massachusetts, KM Education Law offers a uniquely tailored approach for each of its clients.


Attorney Meinelt advises in all school-related matters, including:

  • General School Law issues

  • Special Education

  • Student Discipline

  • Section 504

  • Title IX

  • Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination

  • Policy & Handbook Development


Education law is a highly specialized practice area and KM Education Law is dedicated to helping schools navigate federal and state laws and regulations in order to best serve their students.

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Katie values the importance of preventing issues before they get bigger. She takes the time to prep staff before meetings and spends time with staff after meetings to offer advice and suggestions. She provides preventative strategies so staff learn from mistakes and do not make them again in the future. She pays attention to systemic issues in the district and offers professional development opportunities because she wants to prevent issues before they arise.




As a District leader for the past 10 years, I have been more than well served and supported by Attorney Meinelt; she is a true advisor and coach for our entire district. She was previously a classroom teacher so she brings a deeper understanding, commitment, and partnership to the relationships she forms with administrators, teachers, and most importantly, the students and families we serve.



My entire district has remarkable confidence in Attorney Meinelt. We use her regularly to consult with and train our leadership team. She is able to educate us and build up confidence amongst our team members regarding ways to manage different matters we face in our school buildings. She provides a high level of expertise in the most sensitive situations. As a building principal, I can attest that students have been served well by me as a direct result of my collaboration with Attorney Meinelt.



Education is hard work, especially these days. Attorney Meinelt recognizes and values the importance of school leaders having an attorney they can trust and rely on.

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