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School leaders want and need consistency when it comes to school counsel—Attorney Meinelt takes pride in being responsive and available to clients

Building relationships with clients is the foundation of KM Education Law

Education is hard work, especially these days, and Attorney Meinelt recognizes and values the importance of school leaders having an attorney they can trust and rely on. Because of her education background, Attorney Meinelt’s advice is practical and user friendly.

Through ongoing consultation, professional development opportunities, and round table discussions or case conferences, she offers a unique perspective and provides guidance and learning opportunities for staff to avoid legal disputes. She works closely and collaboratively with her clients to be as proactive as possible.

When disputes do arise, she has the skills and experience to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each case and make recommendations for next steps regarding resolution or litigation. If litigation is necessary, she works closely with staff to make sure they feel prepared, comfortable and confident.

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  • General School Law Issues

  • Special Education

  • Section 504

  • Student Discipline

  • Compliance

  • Bullying

  • Title IX

  • Bullying, Harassment, and Discrimination

  • Student Handbook Review and Development

  • School Committee Policy Review and Development

  • Charter School Compliance

  • Student Records

  • Residency

  • Employment Law

  • Investigations for school districts, including bullying, Title IX, harassment, discrimination, employment, compliance, and all other school-related matters

Blurry Waves

Our district often has unique issues due to its size and demographics, and we value the personalized attention we get from Katie. This is one of the huge benefits of having Katie represent us. She knows the staff, she knows the students, and she knows the situations our district faces. This is so important to our district.


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